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Chamber Music Program

NBSO Concertmaster Jesse Holstein

NBSO Principal Violinist EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks

NBSO Concertmaster Jesse Holstein and Principal Violinist EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks are the SEMAYO Chamber Music coaches. Each week, youth orchestra students will have the chance to play chamber music in duos, trios, quartets or quintets and be coached by these two very experienced chamber musicians who are passionate about this form of music making. Both Jesse and EmmaLee are strong believers in the benefits of chamber music for every musician. Communicating with fellow players, learning to trust the other musicians, finding one’s own musical voice, and making musical decisions together democratically is a wonderful and important experience for young people to have. Playing chamber music was transformative for both Jesse and EmmaLee as young musicians.

In this program, students receive a weekly hour-long coaching session tailored to each member’s level. The program includes performance opportunities in the community, including prior to NBSO concerts! In addition to the weekly coaching sessions, students are encouraged to rehearse at least once on their own during the week at an agreed upon time. Players of all instruments and ages are welcome to participate in the program. The weekly coaching sessions are scheduled so as not to interfere with youth orchestra rehearsals.

Tuition (Per Semester): $300

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